All For Love

Our #AllForLove series captures the beauty, magic, and commitment of love shared between two individuals. Throughout Wedding Season, we shine a light on some of our favorite couples, their unique love stories, and the heartfelt vows and promises made, both big and small.

And now, a note from Anna…

“Three years ago, I spent a good part of my afternoon crying my face off on a beach. It was my baby brother’s wedding, and he was marrying the woman of his dreams. In fact, Laura, his now-wife, is the most amazingly perfect person for Kevin, and I was thrilled. That day, they had a ceremony on a small beach in Tortola with a cast of about 80 characters. And it was a blast. This wedding was happening in the most amazing setting, and I was crying. OMG, LOVE! It’s just too beautiful to bear sometimes.

Fast forward a few months, still in the glow of having just celebrated love at a wedding themed ‘Goats & Boats”, my brother and I, along with our amazing team at ASJ, were working on the end-all-be-all for our brand mission (ie the story telling part or what we do). How to capture ALL these FEELS!? We landed on “the alchemy and energy that brings people together and moments to life.” No small aim, but never one more great to participate in. And after all, it is what we do, what we make. I had made the engagement ring for Kevin to propose to Laura, and then I made their rings—THE RINGS. But one thing stuck out about this effort to freeze a moment in time—the VOWS!

On the day of their ceremony, my brother practiced his vows with me—his beautiful! hilarious! poignant vows! These were the things that show not only how much love there is between these two people joining in union, but also how much they have shared already. And how they are willing to share that in front of everyone. What a magical perspective to bring to this day, where we all gathered to bask in their love story.

So here we have it—the first in a series of promises; your wonderful, amazing, heartfelt, infinitely beautiful VOWS. Starting with Kevin and Laura’s, a funny way of promising to love someone just as they are—and are meant to be, always.

This #AllForLove series continues, because there is no end to love and how we, as unique, soulful, love-questing individuals express it.”

“There is no end to love and how we, as unique, soulful, love-questing individuals express it.”