Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

CAPRICORN (January 20 – February 18)
Who You Are
Progressive and original Aquarius, it is your time to shine 🌟! You love to put others before yourself and think that a fun time with friends and family comes before all else. You start off shy and quiet but once you feel comfortable your eccentric and energetic personality comes out. We all need someone born under the sign of Aquarius in our lives because of your ability to see the world without prejudice. This strength makes you great problem solvers and allows you to look at the world as a place of unlimited possibilities! Your element is air which tests you to use your mind at every opportunity. If you aren’t stimulating your brain Aquarius signs can feel bored and emotionally drained, so remember to keep active.

As the zodiac calendar of 2020 slowly comes to an end the second to last month Aquarius will get a boost from your ruling planet Uranus. Your innovative side will come to the forefront as Uranus squares off with the sun and Mars. Let this time be a time of self-reflection and growth. It is your passion to care for others, but remember to take time to boost yourself up.

In anticipation of the end of zodiac’s 2020 and your new year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

You bring your everyday enthusiasm to your workplace. Development in both your work and personal life is something that Aquarius thrives on. You also thrive on intelligent conversations and a willingness to share both information and talent with others. Inspiring others in a workplace is important to you, and you welcome the freedom to solve problems without restriction from others. Our work look for Aquarius features one of your birthstones, Garnet, in our Petite Pear Luna Ring.


The Everyday Look

Not only is communication key in your career it is also key with your friends and family. You put your loved ones above anyone else and would do anything for them, almost to the point of self-sacrifice. Your element is air which can push you to use your mind in creative ways to get your loved ones together when they need it most. So for your everyday look try our Earth/Air Element Studs. [Pro tip: triangle right side up is air; triangle upside down is earth.]


The Date Night Look

The best aphrodisiac for Aquarius is intellectual stimulation. If a S/O can have a prolonged interesting conversation with you, you have found a keeper. Integrity and honesty are essential aspects for anyone that you try to have a long-term relationship with. Stay true to those beliefs and the rest will fall into place with ease. When it comes to have a night out with your person rock our Bea Five Stone Ring in rose gold.


The Formal Look

Your style reflects your personality; creative and unique. You don’t back down from trying new things in all aspects of your life, especially fashion. One of your strengths in life is you are a humanitarian. You fight for causes that you believe in and push others to do the same. The next charity fundraiser where you show off your formal attire pair your outfit with our Nesting Pair No. 24 made with sustainably sourced freshwater pearls!


The Travel Look

Who says your humanitarian side has to stop at formal fundraising events? Next time a vacation is on your horizon, you would benefit from one that gives back to others while also giving you time to explore new cultures. Don’t shy away from getting your hands dirty and help out in all sorts of beneficial ways. For a piece to take with you, you’ll need a one of a kind necklace in our Bea Stardust Necklace that will pair perfectly with your one of a kind trip!