Aries Horoscope + Style Guide

Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

ARIES (March 20 – April 18)
Who You Are
Aries is deemed the most active of the zodiac signs because of its ruling planet Mars. They are described as courageous, determined, confident and passionate. They are always looking for competition and are striving to better themselves in everything they do. Aries also fights hard for their goals and thrives in teamwork environments.

Overall, 2020 will be a good year for the sign Aries both in terms of health and wealth. It is recommended that you take time in the beginning of the year to travel and enjoy that time for yourself. Remember to check in with yourself day-to-day to ensure you aren’t overworking. By the movement of Jupiter in September, you might be flooded with new opportunities, so stay open and receptive. New successes will come to you at your place of work. If a new career opportunity arises, follow that path.

In anticipation of your year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

Aries is known for their high energy and leadership values. This sets them high above the pack when it comes to fellow coworkers. The new Transformation Talisman Suite Necklace in yellow gold, features our coiled serpent and vintage coral for statement piece that reflects Aries’ high energy.


The Everyday Look

Everyday Aries strives to make new encounters and meet new people. This stacking suite is a subtle everyday match for any outfit. By wearing this Aries will trigger multiple interactions with the conversation started at this ring pairing. The difference in stones between the Celestine Tiara Band and the Celestine Orbit Pave Ring will highlight your crave for connection with different personalities.


The Date Night Look

The perfect relationship for an Aries is a daring and exciting one. For a daring date night out, Aries should reflect on one of their birthstones, such as the fierce sapphire, in the Diamond Dusted Victorian Serpent Ring. The combination of both diamonds and sapphires in the Serpent Ring shows off the power that lies within any Aries.


The Formal Look

Aries stays with their daring traits when going to a more formal event. You like to go above and beyond when going out to events, and always want a new way to start a conversation with someone new. Being bold with this nesting pairing of our ruby Tiara Band and our black diamond Grand Tiara Band continues your trend of being above the pack both in work and in personal.


The Travel Look

Both business and pleasure trips will be coming to Aries this year. Keeping with the bold sapphire theme that directly reflects your personality, these Diamond Dusted Meridian Studs will be a necessity for all of your upcoming travels.