A curated jewelry edit for the December babe

Attention December babes, it’s your time to shine. In celebration of your birth month, we did a little digging (literally) to learn more about one of the oldest gemstones that is your birthstone, Turquoise.

Turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones and can date back to the Persian Empire. From there we see the gem in many Native American tribes. It is considered a holy stone that is associated with good fortune and life. Many royal families around the world have used this gem in famous jewelry. For example, the Queen Mother’s Persian tiara features the Turquoise gem and is known as the Triumph of Love tiara. In Native American tribes such as the Navajo and Apache, the stone is used in most of their jewelry. They believe that the gem aids in protection and healing.

Did you know that the name Turquoise doesn’t come from the color of the gem? It comes from the French word for Turkey because it is thought to have originated there. Turquoise is said to have many healing properties. In ancient Persia, it was worn around the neck or wrist to protect the wearer from an untimely death. It is also said to help with both breathing and anxiety problems. So December babes hold on tight to these gems because good things are coming💪!

From blossom necklaces to flora earrings, we’ve curated a jewelry edit that encompasses the power of this small, natural wonder.

Set in sterling silver with 14k yellow gold accents our mighty Turquoise is accompanied by 0.79ct of grey diamond meleé in our Squash Blossom Necklace No. 03. A little jewelry vocab for you, melee is defined as a small diamond that is either single or full cut, that weighs less than 0.50ct. Fun ASJ fact: 20% of all sales from all products in this journal (a.k.a. Our Heritage Project) are donated to the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF)!

The Turquoise gemstone is also the celebratory gemstone for the 11th wedding anniversary. If you are stuck on a gift look to our Reverse Attelage Ring! Featuring a Bisbee Turquoise gemstone with a white diamond pavé set in 18k yellow gold. Bisbee Turquoise gets its name from Bisbee, Arizona. They are mined in copper mines near there.

Look at all the colors of the Turquoise rainbow! Pictured above (L to R): Stardust Turquoise Bea Ring, Anna Sheffield X Hayward Concho Necklace, and Turquoise Luna Ring II.