December’s Birthstone Turquoise

Hello, December Darlings! In celebration of your birth month, the final month of the calendar year, we did a little research to learn more about the precious, ancient treasure that is your birthstone, Turquoise.

Did you know Turquoise has long been treasured by people all over the world and appears in jewelry and precious artifacts of many ancient civilizations? The semi-precious gemstone is one of communication and mental clarity.

The elaborate gold and turquoise bracelets of Queen Zer of Ancient Egypt are the earliest known jewelry forms dating to 5500BC. Native Americans of the Southwest have been using Turquoise since the Ancestral Pueblo tribes made Heishe beads, and the various tribes continue today with the iconic silver and turquoise jewelry first created in the 1850s. We work with specially sourced Turquoise, predominantly in our Future Heritage Collection.

From Amulet Necklaces and Earrings to Cuffs and Rings, we’ve curated a jewelry edit that encompasses the beauty of this mystical ancient gem.