Your horoscope qualities and style guide for the year ahead

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)
Your Qualities
#Twining! Gemini, aka the sign of the twin, your time to be celebrated is here. We are kicking off Gemini season by giving you a style guide personalized for you. Specifically, the qualities that make up the sociable zodiac sign that you are. Your five main character traits are affectionate, gentle, curious, communicative, and adaptable.

Your Year Ahead
The year 2021 is the year for you to get back to being yourself! Like many signs, 2020 was a tough year as you had to stifle your social self. This is your year to reclaim that side of you (safely of course😷). To start off the year, set some goals for yourself that will help you set a strong course for your year ahead. From May 29th to June 22nd you will experience a Mercury retrograde, so setting goals will help you to not get sidetracked. Welcome new people and experiences that come into your life, and let your social butterfly fly free!

In anticipation of the new year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and your unique characteristics.



For your first quality, we chose a piece that features your May birthstone, the emeraldπŸ’š. Let these tiny restorative gems get you back to yourself with our Pointe Y Necklace.



Geminis are very gentle people which is reflective of your element, Air. Air connects all aspects of the mind and allows for a calm that roots your personality. To feel that calm everyday, try our Earth/Air Element Studs. Pro tip: Triangle right side up is air; triangle upside down is earth, and the studs are also available as a mix and match set.



Sapphires represent the wearer’s curious side, so what better way to show of Gemini’s curiosity then with our blue sapphire Bea Five Stone Ring. This ring comes in 14k recycled yellow, rose, or white gold.



Rutilated Quartz is one of the many gemstones that represent communication. Wear the reminder to let your voice be heard on your left or right hand with our Bea Arrow Ring that is framed on each side with 3 grey diamonds. This ring comes in 14k recycled white, yellow, or rose gold.



Being able to adapt to any situation is our last quality for you Gemini. In order to show off that quality, we chose the transformational beauty, our Petit Serpent Talisman Choker🐍.