On behalf of the entire Anna Sheffield team and extended network of makers and artisans that we partner with at home and around the globe we want to say thank you for supporting us as a small business and part of the wider creative community. In 2020, we made strides in furthering our longstanding commitment to sustainability, ethical production and responsible practice to protect our people and our planet.

Economic Impact

We are proud to work with New York-based companies and expert artisans, with whom we forge lasting partnerships. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, our priority is to use local resources.


Environmental Protection

To help lower the impact that mining has on our collective home, Earth, we continue to utilize our Recycled Gold and Reclaimed Diamond Meleé initiatives. Our saved Earth to date is 1,815,800 tons.


Giveback Initiatives

3 of our signature collections directly benefit our community, including a scholarship to the Institute of American Indian Arts through the Future Heritage Fund. This year we added two new foundations which will continue to support the community’s that we love; the Family Equality Council (FEC) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

In addition to our “always on” charitable efforts we’re constantly seeking out organizations that align with our beliefs, values, and mission. Below (on the left) are just a few of the causes we helped to support this year. And (on the right) a few Instagram resources that inspired us to take action.


A Note from Anna