January’s Birthstone Garnet

Happy birthday, New Year Babies! In celebration of your birth month, the first month of the calendar year, we did a little digging (literally) to learn more about the rich, storied gemstone that is your birthstone, Garnet.

Did you know Garnet is not mined underground? These precious stones are often found as small pebbles in areas with water or moisture, where metamorphic rock has weathered away. These pebbles are found in many places around the world, including North and South America, Australia, and India.

The Garnet symbolizes loyalty, affection, and even holistic healing powers as these gems were once served as medicinal stones, protecting its wearer from wounds, bad dreams, and even poisons during Medieval Times.

From Luna Necklaces and Rings to Cuffs and Stud Earrings, we’ve curated a jewelry edit that encompasses the power of this mystical ancient gem.