A curated jewelry edit for the June babe

Hello, June. Surprise me. 💁 In celebration of your birth month, June babes, we did a little digging (literally) to learn more about the white lustrous orb that is your birthstone, the Pearl.

Did you know that these tiny rarities are the only jewels created by a living animal? In fact, a natural pearl of value is found in less than 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters. Interestingly enough, all pearl oysters are actually born male and then transform into females at around three years of age.

According to a famous legend, Cleopatra once used a pearl to win a bet. The Queen of Egypt challenged her lover, Mark Anthony, that she could host the most expensive dinner in history. Known to have owned two of the world’s largest pearls, Cleopatra instructed her servants to bring her potent vinegar and dropped one of the pearls into the vinegar, dissolving it. Needless to say, she drank what can be dubbed as the world’s most expensive cocktail and won the bet.

Pearls symbolize the purity, generosity, integrity, and loyalty of its wearer, making them the perfect self-purchase for an ASJ babe.

From single stud earrings to dainty everyday necklaces, we’ve curated a jewelry edit that encompasses the power of this small, natural wonder.

A cluster of three freshwater seed pearls rest at the front of the delicate Bea Arrow Necklace which represents the flight of the arrow or the fletching. Set in our warm recycled gold, this beautifully simplistic everyday necklace lays 15″ in length.

Pearly dreams. Pictured above (L to R): A pair of Pave Pointe Stud Earrings, Grand Tiara Band, and Bloom Pear Drop Earring.

And if you’re looking for something a little edgy… meet the Rosette Stud Earrings. Featuring a 5mm Akoya Pearl, white diamonds, rhodium plated set in 14k yellow.