A curated jewelry edit for the June babe

A special double feature for our June babes, it’s your time to shine✌. In celebration of your birth month, we did a little digging (literally) to learn more about the rare and mystical gemstones that are your birthstones, Pearl & Moonstone.

Did you know that natural pearls are one of the rarest jewels in the world? This is due to past overfishing of the oyster population. Pearls are the only jewel that comes from an animal, the oyster! The oyster population still hasn’t recovered which is what makes pearls found in nature so rare. There are four main types of pearls; freshwater, Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls. Diving for these types of pearls used to be a very dangerous occupation. Before diving became regulated the mortality rate for divers was 50%😲.

Now for the moonstone which is known for its healing and mystical properties. The most known properties are to calm fears about the unknown, open the wearers’ intuition, and relax the wearer’s mind & body. Moonstones are also said to be able to predict the future. Legend has it if you put your moonstone into your mouth when the moon is full you can see your own future!

From Emma Lace Pendants to Amulet Pairs, we’ve curated two jewelry edits (Pearl & Moonstone) that encompasses the power of these small, natural wonders.

Newness alert🌟! Our new Emma Lace Cap Pearl Pave Hoops are sure to fulfill all your pearl desires. These pearls are from the Sea of Cortez found in the Gulf of California. This is the only pearl farm in the Americas. The technology used to farm these pearls has helped restore the number of pearls in the wild!

Akoya, Peacock, and Freshwater pearls unite! Pictured above (L to R): Rosette Stud Earrings, Emma Lace Cap Pearl Pendant, and Tiara Curve Band.

Fun Fact: the rainbow moonstone, seen here in our Celestine Pear Earrings, is technically considered a transparent labradorite gemstone. The rainbow moonstones in these drop earrings are set in 14k yellow gold and surrounded by champagne and white diamonds.