Your horoscope qualities and style guide for the year ahead

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)
Your Qualities
It’s the season of sweater weather, the PSL, and leaf pile jumping🍁! That’s right Libras, your time for reflection is here and we are giving you a jewelry style guide personalized just for you. Specifically, the qualities that make up the friendly zodiac sign that you are. Your main character and stylistic traits are Charming, Feminine, Balanced, Fashionable, and Perfectionist.

Your Year Ahead
2021 is the year for you Libra babes! A strong skill that you have is communication, so tap into that this year to get what you want/deserve. This might even encourage you to bring out your creative side🎨. This year holds many cycles of Mercury retrograde which is a positive for all air signs. Be on the lookout for this from late September until mid-November. You might find this brings up a few questions in your life, but embrace what comes up. You will see yourself grow from facing them.

In anticipation of the new year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and your unique characteristics.


Since you are such a Charmer (wink, wink), we want you to wear your sign with pride – with a 14k gold zodiac charm necklace of course! Our Libra Charm Pendant holds your sign on the front and your element, air, on the back.



To bring out your feminine side, we love this soft and iridescent Pave Amulet Ring with a rainbow moonstone center that goes with just about anything for a touch of sweetness. This ring can be made in 14k recycled yellow, rose, or white gold.



Because Libras crave balance, the perfect piece for you are a pair of our Licol Hoops, one for each each of course. The diamonds in these are sustainably and ethically sourced. And the gold? It’s crafted from recycled gold. Win-win.



Since you never shy away from fashionable trends, we love the idea of piling on a stack of our new bold colored gemstone Cosmic Tiara Curve bands. Even better? The Cosmic Tiara Curve Band in Opal (ahem, your birthstone) is here just in time for a B-Day gift!



Libras seek perfect symmetry and perfection. Our Wheat Eternity Band does the trick by featuring an array of perfectly spaced Rubies set in 14k gold.