Meet Ashara Bea

To mark the 10 Year Anniversary of Anna Sheffield Fine Jewelry, over ten carats of glittering white diamond have taken shape in the newest rendering of our beloved Bea.

Given its name as a nod to the decade milestone, the Ashara Bea is a five stone silhouette with a twist, comprised of a beautifully proportioned oval center stone, set east-west, and complemented by two sets of graduated, round side stones all set in warm 18k yellow gold.

Striking a balance between delicate ornament and grandeur, the Ashara Bea is both a feast for the eyes and a delight to the heart.

“The most fabulous ring I've ever made to date.”

—Anna Sheffield

By The Numbers: The Ashara Bea Five Stone Ring👇⁠

1 Master Jeweler hand finished and set
1 Oval center stone totaling 5.37 carats
2 Baguettes, .20 carats
4 round side stones, 3.53 carats
10 in Arabic, marking our 10 Year Anniversary
10.03 total carat weight
18K yellow gold setting
132 round melee, .93 carats
182 hours from concept to completion