Monarch Butterfly Season

Inspiration for the Flying Flower Collection.

It’s officially the season of the Monarch Butterfly! A fluttering orange and black sign of the long summer days ahead, these magical creatures are a key inspiration for the Flying Flowers fine jewelry collection.

“The Butterfly, in all its glory and wisdom, is the manifest of three stages of life and carries an innate ability to transform and exist seamlessly in the natural world,” says Anna.

“As a devotee of nature and an artist living in major cities like NYC and LA, I have a heartfelt desire to contribute to the preservation of the Butterfly, and I see the impact humans have had on these magnificent Flying Flowers. The future is particularly precarious for the wild migration of the Monarch. They depend entirely on Milkweed, a blooming wildflower, to host caterpillars and cocoons, and require nectar for sustenance on the long stretches of their 3000 mile journey.”

In the research stage of designing the Flying Flowers collection, Anna delved into both the visual and scientific aspects of the Butterfly, learning about the amazing work being done the world over to the preserve this precious species. In support, we have aligned with Monarch Joint Venture for the far-reaching effects of their work, which foster research and habitat preservation all across the U.S.

May 6th marks National Start Seeing Monarchs Day. More on the Monarch Joint Venture can be found through this link.