Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
Who You Are
Pisces season is officially here! The creative, compassionate, and artistic sign that you are is taking the spotlight for the month. You are a friendly person and like to surround yourself with many different types of people. Caring for the people that you hold close is one of your most important characteristics. Being selfless and empathetic is brought out by your element, water. Empathy and a big heart make you the best sign when it comes to emotional relationships.

In the last month of the astrological calendar of 2020, we look to your year ahead. At the beginning of the year expect your work life to be busy. Your coworkers will expect a lot from you because they know how strong of a worker you are; here is your time to shine ✨! In the coming months pay attention to your communication with others. Long workdays could drain you and make the normal calm and collected Pisces a little on edge. Take a step back and breathe before you let something slip that you don’t intend. At the end of the year, your bond between you and your family will become stronger; welcome that growth with open arms.

In anticipation of the new year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

Pisces thrives in a creative environment. You also have a great desire to make a change in other people’s lives, this makes charity work a big part of your life. Going to great lengths to pick someone up is the most rewarding thing you can do. We want to help you unleash your creative side and with that comes our Serpent Band. Wear it with pride and let your selflessness stand out.


The Everyday Look

In your everyday life, you are loyal, devoted, and passionate in everything that you do. When friends or family need you, you drop everything to help them out. However, you are expressive with your feelings so if something is wrong then others are going to know it. Communication is key with you so don’t forget to say what you are thinking. Our everyday look suggestion comes from our newest collection, our Pisces Constellation Charm Pendant. [Pro tip: The back of the pendant holds Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune.]


The Date Night Look

Being a hopeless romantic is never a bad thing especially when it is one of the biggest characteristics of Pisces. A connection is everything for you and when you fall, you fall hard and for life. You are loyal and generous with your partner and you want nothing more than to see them excel in everything they do! From our “For the Romantic” collection try our Butterfly Single Wrap Ring for any date night or special gift.


The Formal Look

When it comes to Pisces’ style, your clothing reflects your personality. Creativity and passion come through whether it is in a WFH outfit or a night out on the town. Being true to yourself and being creative is a must in any outfit you put together. For a formal look try our Terra Firma Cabochon Necklace. [Fun Fact: sales from our Terra Firma Collection benefits the Natural Resources Defense Council.]


The Travel Look

The perfect getaway for Pisces is something that can embrace your inner romantic. Someplace that offers a little fantasy and fairy tale is perfect for you. Mix that with your element, water, and you’ve found the ideal romantic destination; the ocean! From the canals of Venice, a Caribbean moonlight, or the Greek islands, every location calls out to you. As soon as it is safe to travel, grab your favorite suit 👙, sunscreen ☀, and of course your AS jewelry! The piece that we suggest for your next island adventure is our Licol Half Eternity Bangle in sapphire to embrace those ocean blues.