Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 22)
Who You Are
The perfect word to describe Sagittarius: bubbly. Their enthusiasm and optimism make them very outgoing. Their open mind motivates them to wander and search for their meaning of life. The way that Sagittarius loves to do that is through travel. By experiencing new cultures and traditions, Sagittarius can broaden their knowledge and share this with loved ones. Enthusiasm has no bounds so their sense of humor is the best. However, be mindful of how you express yourself in social settings as to not step over any lines.

The year to come holds many powerful changes for you Sagittarius. Prosperity, fortune, and success will shine through in many aspects of your life. The second eclipse is coming for your sign on December 14th. This will help you release your softer expressions such as honesty and positivity (just in time for the holidays ⭐)! Your ruling planet Jupiter is in Capricorn for most of the year so let this energy empower you to achieve your goals. If you take this new flow of energy and pass it on to others around you, you will see yourself grow both internally and externally.

In anticipation of your year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

Sagittarius-born signs are very goal-oriented people. When you set your mind on something there is very little that can get in the way of you achieving those goals. For careers, Sagittarius make great salespeople because of your openness and enthusiasm in the workplace. This makes it very easy for you to get along with anyone you meet. On payday, you love to spend money, specifically on travel and the people that you hold close. On this payday treat yourself to an everyday work item in the form of our Sheaves Pave Band.


The Everyday Look

In everyday life, Sagittarius always wants to be surrounded by friends. Because your love to laugh and love to make others laugh is so great you are a big people person. You are dedicated to your loved ones whether that be family, friends, or romantic. You only want the best for each person and would do anything for them. Because Turquoise is your December birthstone we recommend this Vintage Double Flora Attelage Ring to spice up any everyday look.


The Date Night Look

Sagittarius is playful and humorous in their romantic relationships. When they truly start to fall in love, that is when they bring out their sensual and sensitive side! Both humor and seriousness are what you strive for in a romantic relationship. Once you let your barriers down, intellectual and expressive conversations will bring you and your partner closer. Our new Starlight Tiara Curve Band is perfect for any night out or in with your love. The ring is in champagne diamond because Sagittarius is always down to pop the bubbly 🍾.


The Formal Look

When it comes to formal events Sagittarius is more of a wing it or go with the flow kind of guest or host. However, when it comes to mingling you are the social butterfly of the party. You would talk to everyone at the party if you were allowed and that is why you are coined the social butterfly of the zodiacs! ASJ’s Stacking Suite No. 13 pulls together any formal ensemble you want to show off.


The Travel Look

Vacation is not the right term for your getaways, you are traveling. Adventure and discovery are the most important things that you look for in any getaway. When traveling to a new destination you want to learn as much as you can about that place. Culture, language, cuisine, you name it, you want to know about it! When traveling the earring is the perfect piece of jewelry to spice up any outfit. Our Pave Pointe Hoop Earrings are the perfect way to do that.