Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)
Who You Are
Passionate and assertive Scorpio season has arrived! Scorpios are resourceful, brave, and value truth from others and facts above all else. They will research extensively in order to find the truth in any situation. Scorpio is one of the most unique water signs of all zodiacs. Their emotions manifest differently than other water signs but that makes them a more trustworthy and loyal companion. Scorpio’s ruler planet, Pluto, brings both transformation and regeneration. These both impact how Scorpios interact with both people and things around them.

As you’ve hopefully already seen, the year 2020 will be a year for growth for Scorpio. With Pluto in retrograde for the year you can take advantage of the benefits that this gives. This includes mental strength and a drive for research and investigation. Use this drive to push you further into your career and your relationships. Being successful in both is also something that you will find this year. However, don’t force issues in your career, if it is meant to happen it will so do your best Scorpio!

In anticipation of your year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

Being an excellent leader is practically written into Scorpio’s DNA. This makes you a great manager and problem solver in your work life. However, you rarely mix business with friendship, you try to keep these parts of your life separate. This is perfect when hard work is a given in your day to day work life, so treat yourself with an evening with friends after work. Also treat yourself with our Nesting Suite No. 16 which is the perfect metal mix that goes with any work look.


The Everyday Look

You are dedicated and loyal to both friends and family. However, this only lasts if you feel trusted and supported by each of them in return. If you do you will always put them first and pick them up when they are down. Use this Transformational Talisman Necklace to harness the power of your ruling planet, Pluto, so you can enhance day to day interactions with the ones you love!


The Date Night Look

Scorpio is known as one of the most sensual zodiac signs. Passion and intimacy is very important to you in any romantic relationship. When you fall in love the dedication and faithfulness you put into other connections is only amplified in this partnership. On a date night try our Butterfly Reverse Drop Earrings, which features the Citrine gemstone (a.k.a. one of Scorpio’s 4 birthstones)!


The Formal Look

When going to a formal event Scorpio wants to make an entrance. This means taking a “simple” dress and pairing it with a little bit of flash. However, don’t get too caught up with the decision of how exactly to wow an event, make a quick decision and enjoy! You should also add a touch of sparkle to your hand in the form of our Celestine Half Eternity Pave Band.


The Travel Look

All the work that you do in your relationships and in your career needs to be rewarded every once in a while by a getaway. And for Scorpio a true getaway is needed. You tend to crave privacy in a beautiful place so you can enjoy your surroundings in peace and quiet. Try a cottage by the ocean or one in the mountains to allow yourself to escape reality for a little while. Our Diamond Dusted Meridian Bracelet is the perfect getaway staple!