Talismans to Treasure: Allie & Sam

In light of Women's History Month and the release of our new Talismans Fine Jewelry Collection, we're highlighting a few of our favorite ladies to celebrate the profound connections they share with other women through meaningful heirloom jewels—past, present and future. Next up in the series are Allie & Sam Conway, Chicago-based newlyweds who wear their ASJ Talisman necklaces every day.

Let’s start with which descriptive words come to mind when you think of Talismans.
Luck, good fortune, good vibes!

Do you possess any physical objects (jewelry, mementos or otherwise) that hold precious meaning to each of you? If so, what do they symbolize?
We have some family heirlooms that are really special to us (rings, bracelets) from grandmothers / mothers! They symbolize family and love!

“My Talisman necklace is a nice little piece of Sam wherever I go. ”

You both received matching initial necklaces with an A for Allie and S for Sam. Will you wear each other’s from time to time?
We ONLY wear one another’s! It was Sam’s idea when they arrived, and I love it. It’s such a nice little piece of Sam wherever I go, and a nice reminder of her when we are apart.

What memories or emotions about each other do you hope the Talisman necklaces will come to symbolize over time?
I hope they’ll continue to be a special reminder of one another, but also a great reminder to focus on the good. I hope we can take a look down at our necklaces when we need some extra positivity and a reminder that everything is okay!