Talismans to Treasure: Monet Mazur

In light of Women's History Month and the release of our new Talismans Fine Jewelry Collection, we're highlighting a few of our favorite ladies to celebrate the profound connections they share with other women through meaningful heirloom jewels—past, present and future. First up in the series is Monet Mazur, an American actress who met with Anna to reimagine two very special pieces of vintage tied to two very important women.

Let’s start with what your definition of a Talisman is?
To me the definition of a Talisman is an object capturing the beauty of time. A story of time’s past held within in a precious object. The preciousness of it not carried by the weight or perfection of the jewel itself but by the magic it encapsulates.

For your collaboration with Anna, which heirloom elements did you choose from your personal collection and why?
I chose two pieces, a pair of vintage earrings given to me by a dear friend in my early twenties, for me they were one of the first pieces of vintage jewelry I had ever owned and I adored the charm they held in their simplicity, the tiny starburst, the worn gold from time, even in the way you had to screw them on, making me imagine the way women once chose their accessories and the way they took time to adorn themselves with it.

The second was a necklace given to me by my mother in law and passed to her by her mother. She was a classic conservative English woman and the necklace was a very Victorian piece with a quirky asymmetrical element to it which I always found hard to wear but cherished it because of its lineage and that now here it was now living another life all the way across the world from its British origins.

“Working with Anna on combining the two pieces together to create a modern take on something that needed new life breathed into it was really special. ”

Tell us about your experience working with Anna on creating these unique drop earrings?
Working with Anna on combining the two pieces together to create a modern take on something that needed new life breathed into it was really special. Learning what the gems actually were and more specifically about the era from her vast knowledge was really informative. Not to mention sitting with someone intimately one on one to design a piece of jewelry is a little bit of a glass slipper moment. Will it fit? How do we make it fit? Anna knows how to make it fit effortlessly. And she’s just cool!

What memories or emotions connected to the original owner of the piece(s) do you hope to recall or experience when wearing your new custom ASJ heirloom piece?
Now when I take those pieces out to wear them they have a completely new experience for me.

I get to honor the history of them and take them to new places they may have never been in their previous form!