Talismans to Treasure: Zackary Drucker

In light of Women's History Month and the release of our new Talismans Fine Jewelry Collection, we're highlighting a few of our favorite ladies to celebrate the profound connections they share with other women through meaningful heirloom jewels—past, present and future. Next up in the series is Zackary Drucker, an artist and producer who met with Anna to reimagine some very special gifted charms.

Let’s start with what your definition of a Talisman is?
The things we touch most frequently carry our energy beyond our bodies into the future. Our keys, glasses, wallets, and certainly our jewelry are among our most spiritually charged belongings. A talisman is the centrifuge of magical power, a touchstone of one’s soul encapsulated, a doorway into our ancestral roots and a path forward to our descendants.

For your collaboration with Anna, which heirloom elements did you choose from your personal collection and why?
My Aunt Susan gave me these three charms that I had been waiting for the perfect placement of. Two were from a previous relationship of hers and one of them, a Z, was a charm she gave me for my birthday a long time ago. I didn’t have the right chain for them. The eye of the sea was from a friend that I met in Greece who swooped it up off the floor of the Aegean Sea. Despite living on a small island his whole life, he accepted me and loved me with the purest beauty. 

“A talisman is the centrifuge of magical power, a touchstone of one's soul encapsulated...”

Tell us about your experience working with Anna on creating this unique talisman necklace?
I had such an incredible experience working with Anna and her team! I felt so embraced and fortunate to have an opportunity to collaborate with them. What a gift. I’ll wear this necklace for the rest of my life.