Your horoscope qualities and style guide for the year ahead

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)
Your Qualities
Enter the sign of the bull, Taurus. Your time for reflection is here and we are helping you style yourself for exactly who you are. Specifically, the qualities that make up the reliable zodiac sign that you are. Your five main character traits are responsibility, practicality, being reliable, endurance, and stability.

Your Year Ahead
Before we dive into the qualities that make up Taurus, let’s break down what is in store for you in 2021. You’ve been going through some changes for some time now, but this year is your time to shine. Your β€œnever give up” attitude pulls you through whatever you set your mind to, so let that carry you to exciting new beginnings this yearπŸ’ͺ. Social changes in your life will open up new personal experiences and mental wins! Saturn’s role in your sign will take you to a more public level which could mean fame or promotion is on the way for Taurus! When it comes to your love life and your travel goals for this year try the motto, β€œExpect the unexpected.” Embrace the changes, have fun, take risks and good things will come your way.

In anticipation of the new year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and your unique characteristics.



Embrace your responsible side with this piece from our Terra Firma collection, our Sunset Chalcedony Theda Drop Earrings. A portion of all sales from our Terra Firma fine jewelry collection will benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in their mission to safeguard the planet we collectively call home.



For your practical side we have selected an everyday jewelry item in our Sheaves Band. The band can be made in 14k recycled yellow, rose, or white gold and can also be made with diamondsπŸ’Ž.



Because reliability is the most noted quality of a Taurus we have chosen the perfect piece to celebrate your zodiac sign, the Taurus Charm Pendant. [Pro Tip: The back of the pendant holds Taurus’ element, Earth.]



This Celestine Orbit Ring is made with a labradorite stone center. The gemstone labradorite represents the embodiment of endurance, intuition, and creativity.



Newness alert✨! To show off your stable side we have picked our new Evil Eye Studs featuring a white diamond center. The evil eye brings the wearer good fortune and keeps the negative energy at bay, which is exactly what every stable Taurus needs.