Your horoscope analysis and style guide for the year ahead

TAURUS (April 20 – May 19)
Who You Are
Taurus are diligent, patient, benevolent, reliable and talented, but they usually look silent and even stubborn sometimes. It takes time for them to adapt to a new environment. Taurus often is regard as a symbol of wealth and most of them have special talents in investment and financial management. It’s almost impossible to change their mind once they make the decision. It can be called ‘stubbornness’, but it also can be transformed to persistence. They seldom give up half way until final success.

Overall, 2020 will be a good year for the sign Taurus both in terms of career and wealth. You understand the danger of rushing into things, and as a result, can achieve great career success. You will need to remain patient until throughout June as Venus will be in retrograde. You may feel confused and unable to express your romantic feelings. Perhaps you aren’t even sure of your feelings anymore. Practice self-care during this time, as old wounds may become delicate to the touch.

In anticipation of your year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ looks that speak to you and your unique personality.


The Work Look

Taurus often seek a stable job rather than a high-income job with high risk. Your great patience and persistence makes for the perfect balance in the workplace. [Hey! Audrey Hepburn was a Taurus afterall!]. The new Protection Talisman Suite Necklace in yellow gold, features our Petit Hand Talisman and a black diamond bezel charm to protect what makes you you in the work environment.


The Everyday Look

Taureans can be gentle and they can be fierce. You don’t like to be pushed and have strong opinions. To support your ‘always on’ mentality, the Wheat Eternity Band in one of the Taurus birthstones is your perfect everyday match.


The Date Night Look

It’s been said that you’re the ‘dark horse’ of the Zodiac calendar, so why not add a little black diamond to your stack for date night? Your perfect partner is someone who can take responsibility and can take care of others which creates a perfect romantic harmony. The combination of both black and white diamonds in our Marquise Tiara Band represents your strength as an individual but also your desire to support your partner. You only get what you give in a relationship.


The Formal Look

You’re not scared to be the center of attention, which is why the Butterfly Reverse Drop Ear Jacket is your must-have piece for a formal outing. As a very airy and adaptable individual, the mix-and-match look supports your ability to shine among the crowd.


The Travel Look

You’re always on the go, so keep it simple and bold with the Bea Stardust Stud. Available in an array of colors as either a single or in a pair, this delicate stud shines with distinctly modern glamour, perfect for both business and pleasure travel alike.