The Serpent Series

With the Serpent Series, an ancient symbol of creative life force is manifested as a collection of brightly polished jewels with coiling tails and glittering gemstone eyes.

The first Anna Sheffield serpent design was inspired by Queen Victoria’s iconic engagement ring, a snaking band in gold and emeralds that symbolized eternal love. Fresh additions to the series are two pendants and three asymmetrical earrings , with the dynamic golden serpents cast in varying states of slither and coil.

Imparting the power of the icon to the wearer, the Serpents recall the Ourobouros- a potent alchemical symbol of transformation.

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To celebrate the launch of the series, we commissioned New York-based artist and friend of Anna’s, Meryl Smith to create 50 limited edition prints featuring her signature lithe and writhing snakes.

Like Anna, Meryl is drawn to serpents as much for their physicality, as for what they represent: “I love painting serpents not only because of their strong symbolism, but also their physical versatility. The lines of their bodies are so flexible, they can be twisted into almost any position to create new shapes.”

Meryl Smith was born in New York in 1979, and received her BFA from New York University. Her most recent show was ‘Liminal Kingdom’ at Marlborough Contemporary, New York.