Anniversary Gifts by Year

Wedding anniversaries come every year - but did you know that there are specific gemstones and jewelry to celebrate each of these magical milestones?

Anniversaries are a great excuse to treat yourself, your partner, or both of you! Celebrating these unions goes all the way back to the Holy Roman Empire where they adorned themselves with gold and silver wreaths. Now, wreaths are great for doors and everything, but we’d personally rather adorn ourselves with glittering jewels year after year…

Here we will cover our fave highlights - and of course we tweaked some to make room for black diamonds and turquoise, Anna Sheffield style!

1st Wedding Anniversary: Gold Bands
Did you wear a wedding band when you got married? Well now it’s time to add to that stack! Gold bands for the first wedding anniversary are meant to signify hope, trust and longevity with your partner. Honor your first wedding anniversary with the Perfect Pair No. 21 or a Serpent Band and don’t forget to add your personalized engraving to commemorate your wedding date, a pet name or the bar you first met!

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Garnet & Ruby
For your second year of marriage, celebrate the passion between you with a fiery garnet or ruby. Garnet represents the heart, vitality, friendship and love. The ancient Greeks believed this mystical stone could improve circulation! Ruby also symbolizes health, wealth and success in love. Celebrate your success with a Ruby Marquise Tiara Band Band or a pair of Garnet Meridian Studs.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Pearls
Cultivating your love for three years means our favorite offering from the sea – pearls. Pearls have represented wealth and status for well over a thousand years and are intended to be passed down in the family. (Make sure you are caring properly for those beauties so they can have a long life!) Treat yourself or your partner to a pair of Lace-Capped Pearl Diamond Earrings and a Bea Pearl Necklace.

4th Wedding Anniversary: Turquoise & Moonstone
The ever-enchanting turquoise is an ancient gemstone once exclusively worn by royal rulers. Legends say that moonstone is known to bring good luck – particularly to those who are traveling. What better way to celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary than with a trip to Tahiti, a Turquoise Cosmic Band and a Celestine Orbit Ring?!

5th Wedding Anniversary: Sapphire
In most cultures, the color blue signifies royalty, nobility and romance, with sapphire being the go-to stone for royal jewels like Princess Diana’s engagement ring. But pro-tip, sapphires can come in every color of the rainbow! Add a little color to your stack with the Hazeline Rainbow Pointe Band and a Bea Fine Stone Ring.

7th Wedding Anniversary: Black Diamonds
Lucky number 7 means getting creative and going outside of the box. Black diamonds are the ultimate symbol of strength and fidelity. If you don’t already have a black diamond in your jewelry suite, now is the time. Shake it up with a Diamond Dusted Meridian Bracelet and a Protection Talisman Suite Necklace.

10th Wedding Anniversary: White Diamonds
If you’ve made it to your 10 year wedding anniversary, you deserve diamonds and a strong cocktail! Adding some more sparkle to your look or upcycling your engagement ring is the ultimate celebration for 10 beautiful years. Get major cool points with a Monogram Signet Suite with your partner’s initial or a Vesta Necklaceas a daily reminder of your long-lasting lust.