Your horoscope favorite things and style guide for the year ahead

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)
Your Favorite Things
The new astrological calendar is coming in hot!πŸ”₯ Aries, your time for reflection is here and we are giving you a style guide personalized for you. Specifically highlighting a few of Aires’ favorite things. Five of your favorite things are wearing comfy clothes, being in a leadership role, doing physical sports, looking for new adventures, and binge-watching TV. [But don’t worry we know that these are not all the things that makes up you!πŸ˜‰]

Your Year Ahead
As we start this new zodiac year, we kick right off into the fiery year in store for you Aires. Not fiery as in bad, fiery as in jam-packed with new adventures and a renewed sense of confidence. To start the year, Sun is in your sign just in time for your birthday. This will bring energetic vibes your way that will coincide with the Spring Equinox. As we move further into the season, Mars moves into Aires from the end of May to the beginning of July. During this time you might see your competitive side feel a boost, so use this with caution.

In anticipation of the year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and all of your loves.


Comfy Clothes

Newness alert!🌟 Even in comfy clothes wear this everyday piece, our Zodiac Eternity Pendant.


Leadership Roles

Sapphires represent leadership, so wear these Pave Pointe Stud Earrings with pride.


Physical Sports

Just because you workout or train like a champion, doesn’t mean you can’t pump up your jewelry game too. Our Classic Pave Signet Ring can be a representation of strength [Pro tip: don’t forget to clean your jewelry if you accidentally forget to take them off before a game or workout!🧼]


New Adventures

Whenever new adventures should arise, dress in style with our Theda Arc Necklace.


Binge Watching

This Tiny Wheat Eternity Band is the perfect staple for a cozy tv night in or a movie theater adventure out.