A curated jewelry edit for the August babe

Calling all August babes, it’s your time to shine. In celebration of your birth month, we did a little research to learn more about the “twinned crystal” gemstone that is your birthstone, the Spinel.

The twinned crystal name for the spinel comes from how the gemstone is created. Two pyramids that make up the crystal rotate against each other as it grows over time, giving the stone the “twinned” aspect.

Did you know that in ancient times spinels were mined both in large quantities and sizes? These large scale stones were treasures claimed by kings and emperors and passed through many hands as the spoils of war. However, because ruby and red colored spinel are so similar in appearance, some of the most famous rubies aren’t in fact rubies at all… oops! Scientists have learned to train their eyes to see the differences between the two gems and with that, the science of gemology was born!

Spinel is considered a savior from stress and mental tension, so wear this stone with pride. The August babe can use our collection of grey spinel to open the third eye, allowing its wearer to welcome all novelties that life has to offer.

From black spinel necklaces to the sweetest studs, we’ve curated a jewelry edit that encompasses the power of this small, natural wonder.

Our Eleonore Suite No. 18 features a grey spinel center stone, framed with a Triple Baguette Tiara Band. Wear this grey spinel suite to allow positive energy to enter your life and, like the ancient miners proclaimed, open your third eye. 👁️

The Pave Amulet Necklace protects its wearer from evil while repealing negative energy. The black spinel gemstone will ground you in your sense of self and the power of the universe.

Oh My Bea! Pictured above (L to R): Bea Arrow Ring, Solitaire Stud Earring, and Stardust Bea Ring.