Chosen Family

Elizabeth, Ashta and Todd on the alchemy of love and friendship at first sight, and relationships that defy definition.

Best friends Elizabeth Benzing and Ashta Hunter Fenton, with Ashta’s husband Todd and their son Maceo, make up something of modern family.

Or as they call it, “chosen family”.

“We have transcended friendship –its unconditional,” says Liz of her relationship with Ashta, who is also her partner in their brand Tomboy Bkyln. They all met at the University of Virginia, where Liz and Ashta were studying fashion design and Todd was training to be an architect. College parties and classes brought them together, and now living in New York, and with the arrival of Todd and Ashta’s son Maceo, their tightknit friendship and support for each other is visibly more vibrant than ever.

“There are certain people that are meant to be in your world, says Ashta. “That’s just the chemistry, the alchemy, of life”.

Photos and video by Kathy Lo in New York. Liz, Ashta and Todd wear jewelry and bands by Anna Sheffield.