Cindy Greene

In light of Women's History Month, we're celebrating female creativity and the transformative energy it holds. Here, we spotlight Cindy Greene, a multi-disciplinary artist that shares how the power of being a woman has both informed and influenced her own unique path.

Let’s start with a little about yourself. Where do you live?
I’ve got one foot in LA and one foot in NYC.

What is it that you create? How has being a female influenced this work and your approach?
Depends on the day. Some days chaos, other days it’s design in various mediums, interiors, print, or collage. I like to balance a masculine / feminine aesthetic in my work.

“In general my work is less informed by my sexuality and more about pure expression.”

The female identity is one of transformative nature. The way we evolve and transform over time influences how and why (and what) we create. Can you tell us a bit about your own process and how you came to it?
When I’m working with interiors it begins with the space and the personality behind it. With print and collage, it’s often a single image or a composition. In general my work is less informed by my sexuality and more about pure expression. The work that I did with my old clothing label Libertine was quite masculine, in fact we started out as a menswear line. I began to soften a bit when we added the womenswear line. Now working in interior design and collage I feel I’ve softened a bit and embraced a more feminine aesthetic. I often like to contrast it with something hard though to create tension.

What creative path do you plan to pursue next? Or what projects /materials do you hope to work with in the future?
I’m toying with multiple ideas. I’ve been playing with print and product design.

Is there a female iconoclast, dead or alive, that has had an impact on your own creative journey?
I was inspired by Maya Deren in art school, a pioneer of experimental film.

Cindy wears the Double Meridian Amulet Earring Set featuring black opal and sapphire set in yellow gold and a Attelage Harness Ring (both pictured below)