Steve & Eliza’s Wedding

Clients Eliza and Steve just want to get married all over again.

Together for over ten years, Eliza Blank and Steve Schlafman chose a custom Anna Sheffield design to mark their commitment. We sat down with the couple to talk DIY weddings, first dances, treasured memories and favorite stones.

Eliza, tell me about your wedding.

Eliza: It was at Mass MoCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Berkshires. One of the best days of all time. We talk about getting married again all the time.

Steve: It was relatively small too, which I liked.

Eliza: The party was small, but the venue was pretty big—an industrial space with installation art everywhere. We had our ceremony in one gallery, the cocktail reception in a second, and then we moved into this raw space for the wedding ceremony. Kind of a DIY wedding, at the end of the day.

Steve: It was, and Eliza did everything.

Eliza: Except he strung the lights, which we had not planned for. We were late to our own dinner because we were stringing lights!

Steve: It was a really special day—it honestly couldn’t have been any better, and Eliza did all the work. I just enjoyed it.

Eliza: He got to just show up.

What was the song for your first dance?

Eliza: The Flamingos — I Only Have Eyes for You

Steve, tell me about choosing Eliza’s ring.

Steve: Eliza was already an admirer of Anna Sheffield’s collections, so that part was easy! But choosing just one piece for her to have for the rest of her life—that was stressful. In the end, I think I got it right. It was more important that she said, “yes!”

Eliza, do you have a favorite gemstone?

Eliza: I keep it simple—I’ll take a dusting of diamonds over a colored gem any day. But mostly, I just wear my Rose Gold wedding band.

Any favorite pieces from our collections?

Eliza: My ring, of course! The Bea Three Stone Ring. My grandmother wears an Emerald Cut – so it reminds me of her. I am also in love with all the tiny stud earrings, the Bea Arrow and Pave Point, along with the Stacking Ring Suites—you really can’t go wrong there.