Eternity Capsule Embodied

e·ter·ni·ty (/əˈtərnədē/): infinite or unending time. What would it feel like to grasp a piece of eternity? What does it feel like to know that a moment in time is yours to hold forever?

This Women’s Month, Anna Sheffield is celebrating the powerful women who inspire us in the ways that they capture eternity, and translate it into beautiful and undying representations of their spirit and essence. In designing a collection that embodies these ideas and emotions, we quickly found our muse.

Meet Tessema Meredith, a model and dancer who enlivens and empowers us with her agency and radiance.

Inspiring the shoot, Tessema’s dancing embodies what it means to soak in infinity – to reconnect with herself and the space around her with direction. Anyone who watches Tessema move will feel vitalized by the agency with which she operates.

“The way she holds space,” says Anna, “is like she’s holding a little piece of eternity.”

Alongside her dancing, Tessema inspires us in the way that through symbolic ceremonies, cycles, and milestones, she takes time to recognize and reward herself. You’ll spot her during this shoot absolutely glowing in her favorite pieces of the collection, that she has decided to gift to herself.

Our new eternity collection is meant to capture the spiritual nature of grasping moments and making them infinite, and attaching an unending romance and significance to the pieces that speak to you. These heritage styles from our collection emphasize the unique placement of each handset reclaimed diamond, each set with intention and integrity to signify the everlasting commitment being made – to yourself, to your loved ones.

Each piece in this collection offers a unique, timeless, and luxurious way to do just that; the stones in this collection each have significant histories of gifting according to their ceremonial heritage and spiritual occasions, and Anna Sheffield is encouraging you to honor these gemstones and rituals.

The stones revel in the beauty of love as an alchemical connection with the people we choose as our own, and the alchemy of the metals and hand-selected gems that adorn them. We lean into the eternal nature of the diamonds – formed over millions of years and here to stay for millions more.

Within this collection you will find handcrafted heirlooms to carry the eternal for generations to come.

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