Your horoscope favorite things and style guide for the year ahead

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)
Your Favorite Things
It’s time to celebrate our favorite twin, yup that’s you Gemini. The time for reflection is here and we are giving you a style guide personalized for you. Specifically, the favorite things that make up the affectionate zodiac sign that you are. Your five favorite things are talking with others, hosting dinner parties, reading, enjoying a happy hour, and being creative. [But don’t worry we know that these are not all the things that make up you!πŸ˜‰]

Your Year Ahead
Time to get deep and look at the details of your life Gemini! With your ruler Mercury always affecting your choices, be ready for the harsh retrograde cycles. For the rest of the year these are from May 10th-June 3rd and September 9th-October 2nd. The best way to prepare for these times is to journal your thoughts and goals. Writing things down can help you come back to your positive thoughts when you feel confused or out of sorts. However, a celebration arrives during your sign just in time to celebrate YOU! Sun enters your sign which gives you a boost of energy and a positive mood boost for you to make the best of your celebration.β˜€

In anticipation of the year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and all of your loves.


Talking With Others

Surrounding yourself with people that you love and sparking up meaningful conversation is one of the most important things to you. Wear your sign with pride in our Zodiac Eternity Pendant, which holds your sign in eternity within a white diamond halo.


Hosting Dinner Parties

The perfect dressed up look for any fashionable dinner host is our Diamond Dusted Meridian Studs. Appropriately accented with one of your birthstones, emerald.πŸ’š


Reading a Good Book

Here at Anna Sheffield we are all about matching your jewelry, even if is with different metal colors or a different gemstone. Match your everyday reading look with your dinner look above with a band also from the Meridian Collection, the Diamond Dusted Meridian Band.


Happy Hour

Happy hour with friends can be therapeutic, giving you time to unwind after a long day. The serpent is a transformational symbol, which is perfect to represent your transformation from stressed to relaxed. Wear the Petit Serpent Talisman Choker to any event.


Being Creative

Newness alert!✨ With the most creative gemstone, harness the power of the quartz stone in our newest Terra Firma piece, the Square Bea Solitaire Ring.