On behalf of the entire Anna Sheffield team and extended network of makers and artisans that we partner with at home and around the globe we want to say thank you for supporting us as a small business and part of the wider creative community. In 2021, we made strides in furthering our longstanding commitment to sustainability, ethical production and responsible practice to protect our people and our planet.

Ethical Sourcing

We source our stones from small batch artisanal miners like Mayer and Watt whose work goes back to benefit their local communities. Our vendors have close relationships with the miners and schedule routine visits to see the mining process first hand. Another positive impact from our relationships with our vendors and mines is that we are able to trace the stone all the way back to the source. We also work closely with suppliers of repurposed antique stones like Under The Crown, who provide us with estate and antique diamonds rich with heritage and history.


Environmental Protection

To continue to help lower the impact that mining has on our collective home, Earth, we utilized 349 carats of reclaimed diamond meleé and aim to design all of our pieces in recycled gold. To date we have saved 1,903,152 tons of earth from mining.


Giveback Initiatives

Over $14,000 raised for 3 of our signature collections that directly benefit our community, the Future Heritage Fund, The Family Equality Council (FEC) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

See our Terra Firma Collection, Future Heritage Collection, and Rainbow Collection for the pieces that benefit these great organizations.


Sustainable Practices

With the commitment of our employees, we’ve made it a priority to reduce our carbon footprint. Below are just some of the ways we are helping to reduce our impact:

  • All of our packaging is recyclable and printed domestically with Salazar Packaging to minimize carbon emissions and support local businesses.
  • Our stationery & business cards are printed by local artisan printers Paper Chase Press.
  • Paper and plastic recycling at all locations.
  • Filtered water stations to lessen the impact of single use water bottles.
  • Actively compost at our Atelier and office locations.
  • Partner with the NYC composting organization Reclaimed Organics, who reduce emissions by making all compost pick-ups via bicycles and process their composts at local community gardens.

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    A Note from Anna