Jersey Bond

In light of Women's History Month, we're celebrating female creativity and the transformative energy it holds. Here, we spotlight Jersey Bond, a fashion designer and artist, that shares how the power of being a woman has both informed and influenced her own unique path.

Let’s start with a little about yourself. Where do you live?
I live in LA.

What is it that you create? How has being a female influenced this work and your approach?
I’m a fashion designer and an artist making my way through high school. I don’t feel like my gender has impacted my approach to fashion, however I work collectively with a group of guys and sometimes I struggle with not feeling valued and heard.

“My mom has taught me that we all have power and greatness, and that our work is having the courage not to play it small.”

The female identity is one of transformative nature. The way we evolve and transform over time influences how and why (and what) we create. Can you tell us a bit about your own process and how you came to it?
I grew up in a creative household with parents that celebrated individuality. This allowed me to figure out what my interests are and try out ideas. My room doubles as my studio and I can often be found sewing, drawing and working through ideas. I have been taking fashion classes since I was young and learning how to operate the machine and make my own patterns has helped me build my fashion vocabulary.

What creative path do you plan to pursue next? Or what projects /materials do you hope to work with in the future?
Honestly I can’t wait to get through high school so I can go to fashion or art school. I’m working on my first collection with some friends our fashion show is this Spring.

Is there a female iconoclast, dead or alive, that has had an impact on your own creative journey?
My mom really helped me find my voice and encouraged me to take risks and be willing to fail. My mom has taught me that we all have power and greatness, and that our work is having the courage not to play it small.

Jersey wears the one-of-a-kind Petit Vesta Amulet Earring in yellow gold, white diamond and opal; Theda Arc Stud; and Jasper Nelson Carved Cuff NO. 01 (all pictured below)