Your horoscope favorite things and style guide for the year ahead

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
Your Favorite Things
They’ve saved the best for last! The time to celebrate the last zodiac in the astrological calendar has arrived. We are here to give Pisces a style guide personalized for you, specifically, the favorite things that make up the artistic zodiac sign that you are. Your five favorite things are a passion for music, taking naps, going with the flow, energetic practices, and being romantic. [But don’t worry we know that these are not all the things that make up you!πŸ˜‰]

The Rest of Your Year
Make this last month of the zodiac calendar count! This is the time to put yourself first and make your mental health the top priority. Water signs like you thrive on emotions and feelings which can be mentally draining if you don’t give yourself space to recharge. Compassion is the greatest quality, however if you don’t start with self compassion you won’t be able to help others like you want. A new moon in your sign happens on February 20th. This will bring healing and give you time to check back in on your New Years resolutions.

In anticipation of the month/year ahead, we’ve gathered five ASJ pieces that are sure to pair perfectly with you and all of your loves.


Passion for Music

Music and creativity are two things you love the most. The garnet stone is known to be a beacon for creativity. Hold that close with our Petite Pear Luna Necklace.❀️


Taking Naps

Moonstones encourage good sleeping habits. This Bea East/West Solitaire Ring holds a 7x5mm rainbow moonstone. [Pro tip: don’t forget to take your jewelry off before you drift off to sleep!😴]


Go With The Flow

Water signs tend to be more willing to go with the flow. The Pisces Charm Pendant shows a water symbol on one side.


Energetic Practices

Reiki, acupuncture, and aromatherapy are a few energy practices that are interesting for you, Pisces. These Evil Eye Studs channel energy to protect the wearer from negative vibes and misfortune.πŸ‘


Being Romantic

The Cosmic Tiara Curve Band is a perfect symbol of romance. [Pro tip: this stacks perfectly with the Bea East/West Solitaire Ring above.]