Recycle & Reclaim

Sustainability meets high style in our responsible design philosophy.

At Anna Sheffield Fine Jewelry, we’re committed to the highest degree of sustainable, ethical and responsible practice, and we put that to work daily across our sourcing and production methods.

In accordance with these carefully crafted principles, we prefer to use recycled metals over newly mined ones, and incorporate reclaimed melee—tiny diamonds you see dusted across bands, earrings, bracelets and necklaces—in many of our designs.

Without exception, we always use conflict-free stones, and work closely with each of our sources for all of our Ceremonial rings. For gems like emeralds, rubies and Montana sapphires, we work exclusively with single-origin or responsibly mined stones.

Antique diamonds are another ethical (and beautiful!) alternative. The piece shown here combines melee diamonds with an antique center stone. The result: an heirloom design that is rare, sustainable, and totally one-of-a-kind.