Hamptons Pop-Up

This summer we embarked on an Anna Sheffield first – a series of pop-ups and trunk shows around the country so we could meet more of you in person and showcase our latest designs. And let us tell you, you all did not disappoint! One of our first stops was the tall waving grasses of Amagansett in the Hamptons, NY. Between glittering sun rays and twinkling gems, we hosted an intimate dinner party and had one-on-one appointments at the most adorably stylish shop – Lazypoint. (PS we left some sparkles at the shop for you all to check out indefinitely!)

With Anna, artist Brianna Lance and her fluffy Pomeranian Larry in tow, we made the voyage from the loud and wet streets of NYC to the calm, relaxing waters of the Hamptons. Our beautiful home for the week had a luscious salt water pool, a tree house in the woods (perfect for those late-night wine secrets), and most importantly, an inflatable seashell that made us all tap into our inner Venus. Anna, in her effortlessly chic black dress, prepped and cooked a plant-based dinner for 15.

As the sun set and an eclectic playlist curated by Brianna (did we mention she is also a DJ?!) floated through the thick humid air, we drank orange wine and talked about the past year, art, jewelry, friendship, and what the future holds. Damn, it felt good to see and talk to people not on a screen!

The oceanic tablescape provided by Social Studies matched the tiny wave paintings Brianna gifted to guests. We feasted on Anna’s carefully crafted dinner, delectable Hu Kitchen crackers and chocolate, and washed it all down with fresh and fizzling Haus cocktails made by our gemologist/ sales extraordinaire/ mixologist Andrew. Luckily we had CBD energy patches from Fleur Marche to keep us going into the wee hours of the night!

We are so grateful we got to connect and meet you all in person, and it inspired us to keep the train rolling! This season we hit Hudson, San Diego, Atlanta, San Francisco, and soon enough, Austin, Chicago and Portland. Want us to come to your city? Let us know! Until next time, friends.