The Jeweled Life

We are pleased to share ‘The Jeweled Life’ –a series of portraits curated by Anna and photographed by Samantha Casolari that seek to capture the technicolor soul of NYC’s storied creative community. This cross section of beautiful individuals shows the uniqueness, vibrance and magic that each person brings to the landscape of the great city we call home.

Led by a creative director and founder who has always done things her way, we celebrate the individuality of people and the singularity of their lives. Being personal is a fundamental and functional value of both the brand and the products it offers, as each piece of jewelry can be customized or styled in a unique way. Being personal colors everything we do, from our customer service and our voice on social media to the stories we tell – celebrating individuals and the rituals and milestones that are important to them.

This creative was inspired by the Warhol Polaroids – a time capsule – a glimpse into the people of New York, this time curated and produced by Anna and shot by Samantha Casolari. These people are part of the magic that make up the essence of the city, a myriad of new and OG New Yorkers who embody the spirit of NYC, the fluidity and magic of the city. This is about the community and connectivity that each person brings in their own unique way to the landscape of creativity that manifests itself here. Beauty is everywhere, in everything, and everyone, undefined by gender, age, or race.

“You create your own destiny - We just make the jewelry. ”

Meet the Cast

Pictured above (L to R): Crystal Moselle, Juliana Sohn, Georgie Greville, and Samantha’s daughter, Neema.

Pictured above (L to R): Justine Yugn, Madrona Redhawk, Michelle Tarantelli, and Lina Jonsson.

Pictured above (L to R): Jesus Herrera, Kyp Malone and Jacobs Summers


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