The Ring Stacker: How To

Introducing Our Digital Ring Stacker

Newness Alert!✨ Announcing our brand new tool created to simplify the process of figuring out which bands fit best with different rings to help design your most perfect stack. Allowing you to easily play with different shapes, sizes, and metal matches from the comfort of your home. We can’t wait to see what you create. Learn how to use The Ring Stacker below.

Step 1

Start building your stack with an engagement ring or ceremonial band. The Ring Stacker features our most-loved engagement rings in various stone shapes and sizes to help you visualize which bands will stack best with your ring.
[Pro Tip: Even if you don’t have an engagement ring from us, have no fear! The Ring Stacker includes most of the popular shapes to you can choose a similar one to your beloved ring and find a stacking band that speaks to you.]

Step 2

Now to the fun part! Choose bands above or below to create your dream stack, The Ring Stacker will automatically show bands that will fit with your selections. Choose metal colors and rotate your suite!

Step 3

Create a unique link to save your stack for later, share on social media, or drop-a-hint to a significant other! Don’t forget to use the tag #StackYourStory 😉